Seasonal Weather

The weather in the Northern Cape, which is described as a semi-arid area falls into the typical seasons of  spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Our Kalahari savannah bush veld starts warming up in Spring (September - October), with the odd thunder storm now and then. The Camel thorn, Buffalo thorn, Umbrella thorn and Blackthorn break into blossom which attract the birds and bees from a far. During this time of the year many of the antelope species are heavily pregnant and reliant on the new grass and leaves. Moderate temperatures of between 20-30 degrees Celsius can be expected with cool evenings.

Summer (November - March) brings hot days along with the majority of our annual rainfall of around 400mm. The majority of our antelope will calve from December through to March so be assured of many calves and lambs around this time of year grazing around the green lush vegetation. Thundershowers build up very quickly in the summer and mighty thunderstorms frequently grace our guests. Temperatures between 30-40 degrees Celsius can be expected. Our swimming pool with island centre and rock waterfall is understandably popular in the Spring through Summer to early Autumn.

In Autumn (April - May) the days become mild to cool and evenings become chilly. During Autumn and Winter most of the female animals will become pregnant.
Winter (June - August) can bring about very cool days and cold evening (-9 degrees Celsius have been recorded). Temperatures frequently drop below freezing in the evenings with the frost drying out most of the vegetation to a pale grey and brown hue. The skies are clear, most of the acacias lose their leaves and ideal conditions for game viewing exists. We supplement some of our species during this period which makes for very good photographic opportunities. The evening atmosphere is enhanced by enjoying the crackling sound of burning camelthorn-wood in the fireplace along with your red wine selection from our private cellar.
So to answer the question of which time of year is the best is an impossibility as every season offers something unique and different for all tastes.

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